#Sparking Innovation

Ashoka Arab World works to promote and encourage a positive outlook and focus on those individuals whose creative solutions affect progressive social change. Our latest social media campaign, #SparkingInnovation, celebrates and showcases the brilliant, innovative and system-changing work of our Fellows, the region’s leading social entrepreneurs addressing issues ranging from women’s empowerment to youth employment, while offering YOU, our followers, the chance to meet and engage with a select few of them. Stay tuned to learn more about our #SparkingInnovation competition, and how you can enter for a chance to win big!

The series of blog posts below will provide more details and information on our featured Fellows, on a weekly basis. Here, you can read more about their work and impact, and explore opportunities for collaboration; including ways in which you can contribute to their cause by volunteering, providing consultation, supporting them financially, and much much more.

#Sparking Innovation – Jihad Shojaeah and Dr Sany Youssef

#SparkingInnovation returns with two more featured Fellows. Palestinian Fellow Jihad Shojaeah is improving access to education for underprivileged youth and Dr Sany Youssef, an Egyptian Fellow working with people living with HIV/AIDS. Please read on for more information and how to collaborate with these Fellows. (more…)


#Sparking Innovation – Mohammed El Raffie, Elie Abousaab and Hisham Kharma

Our #SparkingInnovation Campaign continues and today’s blog provides more information on the latest 3 Fellows to be profiled.

Read on to know more about the great work of Mohammed El Raffie, a young Egyptian social entrepreneur, using robotics to improve youth education, Elie Abousaab, improving road maintenance in Lebanon and in the process increasing government accountability and citizen engagement, and Hisham Kharma, who created the first online platform in Egypt to link blood donors with recipients.  (more…)

Competition! Win the chance to join Amani El Tunsi on her radio show!!

In the Arab world, many women’s issues are viewed as taboo and reserved for the private sphere. Amani El Tunsi’s radio station, Banat we Bas, and new magazine, Ladies 1st, tackle these issues head on using humor and fresh, diverse perspectives in order to foster a more accepting and progressive local community.

As part of Ashoka’s #SparkingInnovation competition series, we are giving one lucky winner the chance to join Amani on her show to discuss a topic of their choice regarding women in the region. (more…)

#Sparking Innovation – Ramzi Jaber and Sarah Toumi

The latest Fellows in our #SparkingInnovation Campaign are Ramzi Jaber and Sarah Toumi. Ramzi, through his organization Visualizing Impact, creates visual representations of data and information to improve communication and dissemination of injustices and sharing the real, human elements of the stories. Sarah Toumi, in Tunisia, is working towards a more sustainable agriculture in the Maghreb sub-region (Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria) by introducing the Acacia Tree which improves environmental and economic outputs for local farmers.

Please read on for more information and how to get involved with these innovative and inspiring social entrepreneurs that, as Ashoka Fellows, Ashoka Arab World is proud to partner and collaborate with for positive systemic social and environmental change.  (more…)

#Sparking Innovation – Nawal Mostafa & Nureddin Amro

Happy new year from the Ashoka Arab World team! We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas and New Year period. Here’s to 2015!!! Let the innovation and changemaking continue and grow. Here is the latest blog post in our continuing #SparkingInnovation campaign, with more details on our Fellows Nawal Mostafa in Egypt and Nureddin Amro in Palestine.  (more…)

#Sparking Innovation – Amani El Tunsi & Mohammed Abu Amerah

More information and details on how to collaborate with the latest 2 Fellows in our #SparkingInnovation campaign, Amani El Tunsi and her radio station Banat Wa Bas (Girls Only) and Mohammed Abu Amerah‘s community intiative Harra.

(P.s. Merry Christmas to one and all from the Ashoka Arab World family!) (more…)

#Sparking Innovation Competition!


Over the past couple of weeks, you, our Followers, have gotten the chance to learn more about some of our Fellows and the amazing system-changing work they do. Now, just in time for Christmas, we are launching the first part of a 6-part competition series, offering you the chance to win great prizes and meet our Fellows in person! (more…)

#SparkingInnovation – 4 Ashoka Arab World Fellows

This series of blog posts is designed to provide more details and information on the featured Fellows in our #SparkingInnovation campaign. This article features our Ashoka Arab World Fellows Kamal Mouzawak (Lebanon), Fidaa’ Abu Turky (Palestine), Ahmed Edilbi (Syrian residing in United Arab Emirates), and Laila Risgallah (Egypt). (more…)